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Anonymity: Remailers: Mixmaster remailers

Even cypherpunk remailers have their limits. Although they are a lot more secure than a system like, there are still security holes that can be used to discover the real sender of a message, even when it has been "chained" through multiple remailers.

Mixmaster is the next generation of remailers, using advanced techniques to make most methods of tracing remailed messages useless. It requires the use of a special client to generate the Mixmaster messages.


(+) Lance Cottrell's home page
General information on Mixmaster, including a list of all known Mixmaster remailers.
[=] Mixmaster & Remailer Attacks. (By Lance Cottrell)
A discussion on vulnerabilities in cypherpunk remailers, and a description on how a more secure system can be implemented.
[?] Mixmaster remailer FAQ (By Lance Cottrell)
Frequently Asked Questions on Mixmaster, with answers.
[=] Downloading the Mixmaster client
The client program is export restricted. US users can obtain the source (most useful for UNIX plaforms) or the DOS version, which can be used together with Private Idaho, from this WWW site. See note below.
[*] Mixmaster client sources
[*] Mixmaster for DOS
Non-US citizens can download the client directly from this site in the Netherlands. Or see Luca Venuti's more comprehensive list of download sites.
[=] List of Mixmaster remailers
[=] List of Mixmaster remailers
A comprehensive list of all known Mixmaster remailers currently in operation.
[+] Anonymity: Remailers: Cypherpunk remailers
Cypherpunk remailers (sometimes referred to as "Type I") simply take your message, strip off all headers and send it to the intended recipient. This means that no one will be able to reply in e-mail to your message, but it gives you an almost intraceable way of sending messages.

Warning: Non-US citizens should note that obtaining programs that are capable of strong encryption from a US source may be a violation of ITAR restrictions, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000,000 and 10 years in prison. By obtaining programs from a US source, you are also endangering the maintainer of the site for making this material available to non-US citizens. Please obtain the program from a non-US source if possible.

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