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Anonymity and privacy: Feedback

As you no doubt have noticed, the Anonymity and Privacy on the Internet site has been given a complete overhaul. I would like to find out what people think of the new look and the site's usability. Please fill out the form below and send it to me. Thanks in advance.

Have you seen this site before the redesign took place?

If so, do you think the new site is an improvement?
Yes, the site is better now.
Not worse, but not better either.
It's worse now.

Can you tell me why it is better or worse?

Are the new images (explained in What's New) helpful in indicating the type of resource you find in each link?
Yes, helpful.
Not helpful, but they don't bother me either.
They're not useful at all.

Do you have any further suggestions? If so, please fill in the field below.

Thanks! If you want a response to your message, please fill in your e-mail address before submitting this form.

E-mail address:

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