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Anonymity: Pseudonymous servers:

-> has closed  <-

Yes, it's true. The most popular pseudonymous service on the Net has finally closed. To quote from the original message at Penet's Web site:
Due to both the ever-increasing workload and the current uncertain legal status of the privacy of e-mail here in Finland, I have now closed down the anonymous forwarding service until further notice.
The Finland-based server was the most famous anonymous service on the Internet. It has slightly less than 700,000 registered users and handled about 10,000 messages every day.

Because of this, this index has now become obsolete.

I have maintained this service for over 3 years, and as there have appeared a number of other similar, reliable and well maintained servers, I feel we have reached a situation where the current server can be retired. Thank you for a very interesting time on the net!
-- Julf


[=] The raid on the server
Some time ago, the admin of the service was forced to reveal the real address behind one of the anon ID's. What exactly happened is still a bit unclear, but here you can read more about it. Also read the anon admin's statement on the raid.
[+] Anonymity: Pseudonymous servers:
The pseudonymous server functions similar to, but it is more secure. It supports encryption, use of remailers and reply blocks. This makes it impossible to know who is using which account, even for the admin.
[+] Anonymity: Remailers: Cypherpunk remailers
Cypherpunk remailers (sometimes referred to as "Type I") simply take your message, strip off all headers and send it to the intended recipient. This means that no one will be able to reply in e-mail to your message, but it gives you an almost intraceable way of sending messages.
[+] Anonymity: Remailers: Mixmaster remailers
Mixmaster remailers, also known as "Type II" remailers, were designed to be even more secure than cypherpunk remailers. Most of the attacks that work against Type I remailers are useless against Mixmaster remailers. It requires a special client to compose messages.

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