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Security: Encryption: Disk Encryption

With normal encryption methods, you can protect your data, but you still have to decrypt a file manually every time you want to use it. Also, many editors and viewers have a habit of creating temporary files. The decrypted data can end up in these files, and they are not safely deleted when the program exits. This means that this data can easily be accessed by everyone who manages to get at your hard disk.

Disk encryption programs encrypt your entire hard disk (sometimes they use a special partition), so that you don't have to worry about leaving the decrypted messages on your disk. The approach is similar to Stacker's disk compression program, but these packages encrypt instead.

Available programs

Disclaimer: The programs listed in this document have not been tested by me, and I cannot guarantee that they will work on your system without problems. Use at your own risk!

[=] Dekart Private Disk
Disk encryption software that uses AES-256 bit encryption algorithm. It creates file-images that appear as removable disks on a PC. The software can work from a removable device, without installation. Includes the ability to create a whitelist of applications that may access the encrypted disk. Runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Commercial. A free version is also available.
[=] Secure FileSystem
A standard DOS device driver-based encryption system. It can create up to five encrypted volumes which are encrypted using IDEA. Also has several other useful options, like a hotkey to quickly unmount an encrypted volume. encrypted volume. You can also download Secure FileSystem directly.
[*] Secure Device
Secure Device is a device-driver that creates extra "drives" on a DOS/Windows computer which are encrypted using IDEA. These can then be used by any DOS/Windows program. The extra drives are simulated using a hidden file on an existing partition.
[=] SecureDrive
For DOS and Windows systems. Also runs (with some limitations) under Windows '95. It creates an encrypted partition on your hard disk where the data is stored safely. Uses IDEA. It can also handle floppies. You can also download SecureDrive directly.
[=] BestCrypt for Windows 95
This is a commercial disk encryption program similar to SFS and SD, but which is designed for Windows '95.
[=] ScramDisk
Another disk encryption program for Windows '95, with much the same functionality as BestCrypt. But unlike BestCrypt, ScramDisk is free.
[=] seNTry 2020 for Windows NT 4.0
Kernel-mode driver which uses containers as virtual volumes encrypted using MDC/SHA. Supports all NT filesystems. Commercial software, a 21-day trial version is available from the website.
[=] Cryptdisk
A disk encryption program for the Macintosh. It creats files which can be mounted as if they were hard disks on your desktop. Uses IDEA to encrypt the files. You can download the program from a restricted FTP site from this site, or directly from Hacktic in the Netherlands.
[*] Crypto File System
An encrypted file system for Unix. It runs as a user-mode NFS server on the local machine, and passes any requests to the remote machine over an encrypted channel.
[=] TCFS - Transparent Cryptographic File System (for Linux)
Similar to Crypto File System above, but TCFS is file- and not directory-oriented. Each file can be encrypted separately.
[+] Security: Encryption: Pretty Good Privacy
PGP is a file encryption program which is generally considered unbreakable. It is used extensively on the Internet, available for almost every platform and is required for anonymous remailers. It can also create digital signatures, which makes it easy to detect forgeries.

Warning: Non-US citizens should note that obtaining programs that are capable of strong encryption from a US source may be a violation of ITAR restrictions, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000,000 and 10 years in prison. By obtaining programs from a US source, you are also endangering the maintainer of the site for making this material available to non-US citizens. Please obtain the program from a non-US source if possible.

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