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Anonymity: Pseudonymous servers:

-> has closed!  <-

Due to ongoing massive abuse, the pseudonymous server has been shut down.


[+] Anonymity: Index
[+] Anonymity: Remailers: Cypherpunk remailers
Cypherpunk remailers (sometimes referred to as "Type I") simply take your message, strip off all headers and send it to the intended recipient. This means that no one will be able to reply in e-mail to your message, but it gives you an almost intraceable way of sending messages.
[+] Security: Encryption: Pretty Good Privacy
PGP is a file encryption program which is generally considered unbreakable. It is used extensively on the Internet, available for almost every platform and is required for anonymous remailers. It can also create digital signatures, which makes it easy to detect forgeries.

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